Thursday, January 04, 2007

Polka Dots and Paisley

This is the newest card I have made and the first one using the new set that was my Christmas surprise from Shelli and Stampin' Up! I am not really sure I like this card just yet but it's growing on me. I made this for my step-daughter to let her know that her dad and I are thinking about her and getting excited for the trip that she will be making in March to come and visit. She's 15 and really girly so focused on pixie pink quite a bit.

I am also learning how to add the copyright onto my pictures for SU purposes... I am not sure I am really excited about how that looks but it's okay for today. In a way I would really like to learn how to make it more like a watermark so that no one can steal the image and claim it as their own. Would you all that do the watermarking of the image let me know what program it is that you use and such? I would greatly appreciate it!!

This is the new card I made for a "thinking of you swap" for my hostess club. I feel like it needs something but not completely sure what... any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

In this card I am not sure if you can tell but the centers of the flowers do have micro beads.... So any ideas on how to make it better? I was thinking maybe some brads? I don't know... color?


Tammy Howell said...

I would add a white organza ribbon around it and I think that is pretty! If you find out about the watermarking, please let me know. I would love to be able to do that. I am considering a blog. I love to read others and will be putting yours in my favorites. I love to see others art work. Thanks for sharing,
Tammy Howell

Anonymous said...

You can try this site out for making a copyright

Not sure if it gives you exactly what you want, but check it out. It is what I use.

Anonymous said...

On the pink card you could use some brads the color of the paisley ink on the pink square, stamp the words in the color of the paisley ink to give some contrast, or you could put an organdy or grossgrain ribbon the paisley ink color across the card in the pink area at the bottom and run it under the part with the writing. On the blue card the beads are a cute idea. You could emboss the writing to match the beads, or add a narrow ribbon the color of the three large flowers across the bottom area going under the words. They're both cute cards. You did a nice job!