Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year & My Christmas

Happy New Year fellow stampers and scrappers! Wow I haven't been on here in a while... see what happens when my dear hubby is home for vacation! I didn't mean to neglect this but as you can see my poor blog fell by the wayside till today!

Anyways... Happy New Year 2007!
Not only did I get spoiled by my hubby this year for Christmas, but I also got very spoiled this year from some wonderful friends on the Yahoo group Su-girlfriends.

I had participated in a stocking swap remember? Well the lady that did my stocking had her car broken into and such and ended up re-making my stocking but no one had heard from her in a while so the lady hosting the swap and also Admin I think sent me this first bunch of stuff.... I was absolutely tickled pink!

This is from my wonderful friend Darla who got me started on that yahoo group! Isn't she great?

This is from Nora the one who re-did my stocking after having the first one stolen out of her car. I am so blessed!

And this is from the Admin and List owner if I remember correctly

Thanks to all of these wonderful ladies I had the best Christmas in a long time! And the best part? I got exactly what I wanted! Stampin' Stuff!!!

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