Thursday, September 27, 2007

Finally an update!

Things have been going wonderfully lately. I ended up leaving my husband Mike on May 21, 2007 due to Domestic Violence. The divorce was recently finalized the frustrating part is that he has been slacking on the car payment that he is supposed to be paying. I got a bill today stating that he is almost three months behind. Ugh!
For me though otherwise things are going wonderfully! I met the man of my dreams on Aug. 15th and we have been inseperable ever since. Wednesday was our 6 week Anniversary. If I would have never come home I probably would have never met him. Granted AZ was so much better for my health, but now I found that God had a reason for me to be back home in Upper Michigan.
I have got some new cards that I have made recently I just haven't gotten a chance to take a picture of them or scan them yet due to not knowing where my digital is for one and also because I have to scan them from the other computer put them onto my flash drive then load them onto this computer and school has been consuming a great deal of my time.
Tonight is week three in my Psychology course and so far I got a 97% in week one and a 98% last week. Things are going good there as well.
Well I suppose I should finally get to bed and I will try and post pictures in the morning.


heartcutepenguins said...

Hi, it's me ize, from OD, I finally signed in and thought I'd say hi :P

I don't know much about blogger, but it has been working for me, and OD just got on my nerves LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm reading some of these wow I had no idea.... May 21 that's my Birthday hmmm Thanks for sending the Url Jennifer!